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Welcome to high speed
wireless networking.

Miracle Strip Wireless offers high speed wireless connections for resorts. We currently offer our services in Destin, FL at a number of upscale resorts.

WiFi not at your resort, let us know, we would love to install our system for you.

Why WiFi

WiFi....the ability to have an internet connection at a location that is convenient for you.

Miracle Strip Wireless, Inc. offers a high speed, wireless internet system that allows owners and guests the ability to log onto the internet via wireless adaptors in their computers, either ones they already own or ones that we supply. This wireless system uses the same technology most families are currently enjoying in their homes and are familiar using. In fact, when the public travels to high end resorts, they expect this type of service. The best part of our system, is that it is wireless. There are no unsightly and cumbersome cables dangling from the wall, for the owners or guests to be tethered. Most importantly, more than one computer at a time can be on in the unit. We are finding that Mom and Dad both come down with their personal laptops and their children with theirs, as well. The system also covers all the common areas including the pool and even down to the beach! If that is not enough to consider, your owners and guests can also roam and get connected at any other resort property we service, at no additional charge.

FAST - Connect at high speed to the Internet or your corporate intranet
RELIABLE - Get the same high quality service in every location.
AFFORDABLE - There are weekly and monthly plans, all designed to match your needs.
CONVENIENT - We are where you want to be, no searching for phone jacks, tying up phone lines, and best of all, never stuck in one location.

Freedom to Roam

A wireless network for the property gives the owners and guests much more freedom to access the internet. It is truly state-of-the-art technology. All new laptops being manufactured and sold today, have wireless as a standard feature . Most individuals that own laptops, currently have wireless adaptors in their computers and are familiar accessing wireless hotspots. We have seen more and more families bring multiple computers with them on vacation and they truly expect that all their computers have access to the internet, at the same time. With our wireless system , just as at home, this is possible. There is no limit to the number of guests that can simultaneously access the system. A wireless system also allows your owners and guests the ability to access the internet where they are comfortable working online. Sometimes this is at the kitchen counter, dining room table, bedrooms, or even outside their unit, on the balcony, overlooking their children playing in the pool or while enjoying the quite morning sunrise or an evening sunset . This also gives the guests the freedom to be at the pool, property's common grounds, another unit or even the beach.